AddControl is the solution designed specifically for the Construction and Real Estate Development Industry. With this platform, you will be able to meticulously manage all your construction projects, real estate developments and investments, which translates into a significant increase in the profitability of each project and your company in general. 

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Optimization with AddControl

  • It is an "All in One" ERP designed to manage all areas of your construction or real estate development company.

  • Implemented through Odoo, AddControl ERP helps you optimize every aspect of your company, from operation to costs and profitability.

  • With this integration, all departments of your company, including costs, budgets, construction control, sales, administration, accounting and payroll, are centralized on a single platform within Odoo.

Access to any place with Odoo - AddControl

  • Furthermore, thanks to the implementation in Odoo, you will have access to the cloud to control your works and developments from anywhere and at any time.
  • This integration eliminates the physical location limitations of your company, allowing you to manage your projects from anywhere in the world through Odoo.

Power your Productivity

  • Automate business processes.
  • Preview risks and eliminate errors.
  • You will have all the workflows integrated.

  • You will have more savings and eliminate cost overruns.
  • Analytics and automatic indicators for decision making.
  • You will have a better relationship with your partners, suppliers and clients.

Areas you will manage with AddControl

Discover how AddControl can transform the way you manage your construction projects and real estate developments. Contact us for more information!