"Optimization and management of your technological resources. Turnkey solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs."

Our Solutions

Comprehensive IT infrastructure management

Ongoing technical support service

Data Optimization

Outsourcing of specialized human resources

Transparency in Costs and Operational Efficiency

Customer Benefits

  • Reducing the Barrier to Entry: Adopt advanced technologies without high upfront costs (TCO).
  • Avoid Technological Obsolescence: Stay up to date with managed services instead of physical equipment.
  • Monitored Solution: Guarantee quality of service (QoS), uptime and constant availability.
  • Flexibility in the Grade of Service: Choose the level of service that best suits your needs (bronze, silver, gold).
  • Measurable and Controllable SLA: Ensure a clear service level agreement, with regular reporting.
  • Comprehensive Supplier: Simplify your management with a single point of contact for all your IT services.
  • Reduction of IT Expenses: Outsource your operation and reduce operating costs.
  • Best Response Time: Respond quickly to new requirements with a specialized team.

Service life cycle

Service levels

Level 1 - Monitoring

-health check

- Monitoring

- Reports generation

- Management and escalation of critical requirements

- Basic troubleshooting  

Level 2 - Operations

- Remediation

- Backup and restore

- Request and incident management

- Change management

Level 3 - Administration

- Application management

- Resolution of critical problems

- In-depth management of incidents and problems

- Root cause analysis

- Performance and capacity management

Level 5 - Staffing/


Level 4 - Custom


Monitoring as a Service.

At our company, we offer a proactive monitoring service using the powerful Zabbix platform, designed to ensure the stability and optimal performance of your IT infrastructure. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that allows our clients to focus on their business while we take care of the monitoring and maintenance of their critical systems. 


24/7 monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your infrastructure, ensuring that any incident is detected and managed immediately. 

Alerts and Notifications

Setting up custom alerts that inform you and our support team of any anomalies or potential issues. 

Integration with ITSM

Compatible with IT service management (ITSM) tools, improving the efficiency of your support team and incident resolution. 

Detailed Reports

Generation of regular reports on the performance and availability of your IT resources, facilitating informed decision making. 

Custom Panels

Intuitive and customizable dashboards that provide a clear and concise view of the status of your systems. 


Adaptability of the service as your business grows, allowing the incorporation of new devices and services without complications. 

Our Proactive Monitoring Service with Zabbix focuses on providing complete, real-time visibility into all components of your IT infrastructure. From servers and networks to applications and services, our team of experts uses Zabbix to detect, diagnose and resolve problems before they impact your operations. 

Interested in Optimizing your IT Infrastructure? 

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